Lojic is a team of specialist clinicians and support practitioners working with individuals, families/groups, service delivery organisations and professionals across a range of human service areas including child development, child safety, disability, education and special education, supported living and aged care.

Lojic Practice and Services are based on specialist understanding of human behaviour – specifically applied behaviour analysis:

Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) is the science of human behaviour. It is an objective field that focuses on evaluation and reliable measurement. Interventions are designed, implemented, and evaluated systematically to improve behaviours that are important to society. Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia

Lojic Human Service Solutions Pty Ltd seeks to apply this understanding to all areas and aspects of the human service industry that have an impact on and are impacted by human behaviour. Lojic is an evidence-based organisation focused on achieving quality improvements and promoting the growth of individuals and their support networks. We look forward to working with you!

Servicing SE Qld and Northern NSW. Not in these areas? Contact us.