Lojic Institute – a team of experienced human services practitioners and managers, specialist clinicians and support practitioners working with individuals, families/groups, schools, service delivery organisations, and professionals across a range of human service areas including child development, child safety, disability, education, special education, supported living, and aged care.

Lojic Behaviour – Specialist clinical behaviour services for individuals who display challenging and/or dangerous behaviour. Includes comprehensive behaviour assessment, intervention and plan implementation, and positive behaviour support plans. Psychological testing, court reports, and interdisciplinary consultation are available as required.

Lojic Life – Evidence-based services to teach individuals new skills in all areas including communication, daily living, pre-vocation, academic, attending, social skills, play skills, and direction following. Includes comprehensive skills assessment, intervention and plan implementation, and skill acquisition plans.

Lojic Design – Support in planning for life stage transitions, to develop comprehensive lifestyle planning, and to create innovative support models designed to make the most of funding.

Lojic Capacity – Evidence based development, training and coaching support for individual support team/s to improve practice and achieve optimum quality of life outcomes for individuals.

Lojic Organisation – Refreshment, improvement and/or transformation of practice and service delivery systems at an organisational level for human services organisations. This can includes organisation wide positive behaviour support and support to implement quality of life outcome measurement and analysis.

Lojic Educate – Support for the professional development and education of human services practitioners. This can include access to existing online competency-based learning material, development of tailored online competency based material and training and development seminars, workshops and courses, as well as coaching and mentoring. We are an approved ACE provider through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

We work with people all over Australia and New Zealand.

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