What do we do?

Lojic Institute offers specialist clinical behaviour services for individuals who require behaviour support plans and/or engage in behaviour that presents a risk to the safety of the person or others, or places the person’s participation in the community at risk. We provide evidence-based behaviour support based on the science of applied behaviour analysis (ABA). We work with the client and his/her support network to decrease the behaviour/s of concern while increasing appropriate alternative behaviours, such as communication responses and compliance. This includes:

Specialist Behavioural Assessment & Intervention

Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Reports and plans that meet court and/or tribunal requirements

Mental Health Court Reports – Forensic Orders

Training of the individual’s support network

Psychological Testing

What do you get?

  • Expert behaviour knowledge and experienceLojic Institute clinicians have expert knowledge and experience in challenging behaviour, positive behaviour support, psychopharmacology, and applied/functional behaviour analysis. Lojic Institute clinicians are not only highly skilled practitioners with an in-depth understanding of behaviour, they also have extensive experience in applying this knowledge in applied settings.
  • Practical support and application – Working alongside families and support teams, Lojic Institute staff use their extensive practical experience to offer understanding and practical application of the technical behaviour skills required to reduce and eliminate challenging behaviours.
  • Flexibility – the Lojic Institute team approach is designed to be adapted to fit the client’s needs and to ensure that our recommendations can be implemented by all of the people involved in their lives. If something is not working or is not practical we will work with the significant people in the individual’s life to ensure the best outcomes for everyone.
  • Collaborative team approachLojic Institute staff will work as a team with significant people in the individual’s life to ensure appropriate skills are developed and outcomes are generalised and valid across settings and places. Where necessary, other professionals (e.g., physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, medical practitioners etc) will be incorporated into the team approach.
  • A coach to walk beside you during implementation – the Lojic Institute team approach includes behaviour coaches to support you in your home to ensure the developed implementation plans are valid, useful and user-friendly and that you receive support where specific techniques are required.
  • Training and supportLojic Institute services are based on ensuring all people involved are confident in their ability to continue to successfully respond to behaviours of concern and to leave all involved people more informed, understanding and better equipped to manage behaviours of concern.

What won’t you get?

  • Lojic Institute does not create or implement specialist behaviour plans without you as an active partner.
  • Lojic Institute does not support leaving you alone to implement a specialist plan – see our team approach including in-home coaching.
  • Lojic Institute does not work in isolation but will refer to other discipline specialists or professional staff where required upon discussion with you.
  • Lojic Institute does not use a “cookie cutter” approach to behaviour services instead every plan is individualised.

Why are specialist qualifications necessary in behaviour services?

Research is clear that best practice and effective outcomes in responding to challenging and dangerous behaviour are achieved through applying the principles of behaviour analysis. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a science that was established over 50 years ago by researchers in America and as such, is underpinned by scientific principles and strategies including define, measure, analyse, hypothesise, test, implement, replicate, monitor and review to create socially important behaviour change. Baer, Wolf, and Risley (1968) wrote the underlying characteristics of ABA that still hold true today [link resources]. The internationally recognised field of Applied Behaviour Analysis has been continually developing since its beginning and has evolved over time to include the concept of functional analysis of behaviour. ABA has directly led to the popular field of positive behaviour support [link resources]. Failure to appreciate the scientific nature and basis of behaviour analysis and its significant impact on current best practice often results in ineffective, inadequate or invalid outcomes for individuals, their support team/s and ultimately, the community. Unfortunately, these services are what many people incorrectly recognise as ABA and have led to many misconceptions. People who exhibit challenging behaviour have a right to receive behaviour interventions that produce effective, efficient and durable outcomes to reduce potential harm and improve quality of life outcomes for all involved. For these reasons, Lojic Institute services are only conducted by qualified specialist practitioners.

Check out our ABA Factsheet to learn more.