What do we do?

Lojic Institute offers specialist support to families, teachers, other professionals, and organisations to build their capacity and skills in understanding the needs of the individuals they support and in effectively responding to those needs consistently. We provide:

Family assistance, coaching, mentoring

Behaviour support plan implementation

Team development, coaching and training

What do you get?

  • Unique collaborative model of support – Lojic Institute understands, from both the research and our own experience in the industry, that sustainable positive outcomes for people requires an action-oriented, skill development focus. Lojic Institute staff will ‘walk with you’ until you and the other supports for the person are ready: skilled and empowered – to walk alone.
  • Expert knowledge and experience – Lojic Institute staff have expert knowledge and/or significant experience in challenging behaviour and plan implementation, autism spectrum disorders, developmental disorders, intellectual disability, cognitive disability, child development, psychology, mental health, disability, forensic psychology, related health issues e.g., epilepsy, psychopharmacology, special education and parenting.
  • Experience working with the broad range of supports– Lojic Institute staff have experience working with families, carers, foster carers, youth workers, teaching staff, disability service providers, mental health staff, support staff and others to mentor and encourage skill development, knowledge and understanding in supporting individuals.
  • Experience working across various settings – Lojic Institute staff will work with you and significant others in the individual’s environment (e.g., home, school, community) to maximise ongoing achievement of positive outcomes across all settings
  • Integration of Lojic Institute service support including access to Lojic Institute behaviour clinicians
  • Training, coaching and mentoring – Lojic Institute staff are able to train, coach and mentor parents, carers, staff/support groups in support strategies and skill development techniques. Lojic Institute staff are themselves trained in contemporary support models and maintain active knowledge of advances and developments in the human service support field.

What won’t you get?

  • Lojic Institute staff will not implement plans without you as an active partner.
  • Lojic Institute staff do not work in isolation and will refer to and utilise specialist skills where required upon discussion with you.