What do we do?

Lojic Institute offers evidence based planning supports utilising our specialist knowledge in evidence based approaches we offer support to develop detailed support plans focused on achieving detailed support plans focused on achieving sustainable, quality of life outcomes. Using our extensive industry experience and knowledge of the research, we provide creative service delivery modelling and design to make the most of your self-directed package and achieve the life goals that are important to you.

Transition planning – support to plan for significant life changes, such as starting and finishing school or moving out of home- and how to use your package effectively to achieve transition needs

Lifespan Planning – assistance to plan for the time when parents and carers are no longer able to provide direct support? Assistance to build trustworthy formal and informal supports

Creative service delivery models – application of evidence and experience to create innovative and creative solutions 

Service model design – assistance to design service models that are clearly oriented to achieving the person’s needs

Case management, monitoring and review – support to implement the plans

What do you get?

  • Extensive knowledge and experienceLojic Institute staff come from the sector and bring with them extensive knowledge, networks and experience which enables them to work with you to ensure you make the most of the package available to you.
  • International evidence-based planning Lojic Institute staff have contemporary knowledge and skills and access to international evidence-based planning and service model developments that enable you to think differently and widely about planning and service models options.
  • Creation of unique solutions for unique individualsLojic Institute is motivated to ensure options are created that meet individual needs including options that are unique and person centred. We will work with you to achieve a model of support that is exceptional and maximises available resources.
  • Access to reciprocal arrangements  – Lojic Institute utilises reciprocal arrangements with other service providers and delivery agencies and extensive networks across the human service industry to support you to access services in the most cost-effective and value-added manner.
  • Plan management and support – where required, Lojic Institute will apply a case management model to support you to continue to deliver the service model you have created and review and adapt the model to your changing circumstances.
  • Team approachLojic Institute staff work as part of an integrated team of specialist and support staff and can advise and link you as required to additional supports and training options to ensure your needs are met.

What won’t you get?

  • Lojic Institute does not create plans without you as an active and critical partner.
  • Lojic Institute does not support making a person fit a model. We believe individuals come first and models of support should wrap around them.
  • Lojic Institute does not support unsustainable models of service delivery or those that operate outside available resources.