What do we do?

Lojic Institute offers learning and development opportunities to individual staff teams, support groups, organisations, interested members of the public and professionals. We offer online ready-made competency-based packages, specifically tailored online training and competency-based packages, and tailor made face-to-face training, coaching, mentoring and assessment. We are a registered ACE provider through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and has a range of face-to-face and online continuing education (CEU) events available. Register your interest by completing our PD request form or contacting your nearest office.

What do you get?

  • Expert knowledge and experience – Lojic Institute staff have a broad range of qualifications and experience across the community services sector including disability, mental health, child protection, out of home care, homelessness, domestic violence and community housing. We have on hand educators and/or clinicians with expert knowledge and experience in a range of topics/fields. We are also strongly linked with universities and TAFEs and are able to source expert knowledge and trainers.
  • Lojic Institute are experienced in providing access to educational opportunities through a range of formats including on-line self-paced material, conferences, workshops, seminars, lectures, tutorials, and hands-on coaching, mentoring according to topic and need.
  • In most situations, Lojic Institute utilises an action based methodology to enhance learning outcomes. We are highly skilled at supporting the development of people’s skills and practice on the ground and utilise competency-based processes to maximise the application of knowledge in the real world.
  • Lojic Institute is able to work with individuals, groups and organisations to design, create and develop training unique to their requirements.
  • Lojic Institute currently offers training in the following specified areas:

Child Development

Human Services Support – models, staff and outcomes

Management Staff Development – Achieving outcomes

Positive Behaviour Support

Challenging Behaviour

Understanding and reducing Restrictive Practices 

Quality of Life – In Human Service Organisations

Applied Behaviour Analysis, functional analysis of behaviour & behaviour management techniques

Organisational Development & Transformation – Consumer Directed Future

Support Staff Development

Trauma and attachment

Disability (e.g., autism/autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, cognitive disability)