What do we do?

Lojic Institute offers specialist support for human service organisations to refresh, improve and/or transform their practice, service delivery and client outcomes using behaviour based practices and principles. We also have specialised support options available for schools [link to page]. Lojic Institute includes support to human service organisations to:

  • Clarify the alignment of organisational objectives with contractual (both government and individual service agreements) objectives 
  • Ensure that the organisational frameworks appropriately align staff behaviour with organisational and contractual objectives
  • Create flexibility without sacrificing consistency
  • Deliver contemporary services to meet future reforms and changing community expectations
  • Recognise and develop staff in acknowledgement that they are the critical resource in human service delivery
  • Enhance the use of effective and efficient organisational process and practices to maximise business returns
  • Review and align organisational structures, policy, procedure, practice, service delivery, culture, staff management and performance to maximise service delivery and client outcomes
  • Identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement to position your organisation as a leader in your industry
  • Access and utilise the latest research and progress in the area of human service delivery
  • Transform service delivery models to meet a future of client directed funding
  • Develop an evidence-based organisational platform of positive outcome-focused support
  • Develop the capacity to undertake periodic review and refreshment for ongoing self-management.
  • Reduce the cost of workplace cover premiums by increasing organisational capacity to respond to critical client need and challenging behaviour

What do you get?

  • Partnership – Lojic Institute works with your organisation, Board members and identified stakeholders to ascertain and respond to your needs.
  • Frank, fearless and objective advice/review/analysis. Lojic Institute uses scientific principles including measurable data and evidence gained from your organisation to provide an objective picture of current operation as a baseline to inform decisions.
  • Contemporary and expert knowledge – Using the latest human service evidence and research, Lojic Institute will work with you to plan a response to improve, refresh or transform your business and service outcomes.
  • Experienced organisational leadership – Lojic Institute  staff have knowledge and experience in managing and leading small, medium and large organisations and teams to achieve positive client outcomes.
  • Expert knowledge in the basics of practice – Lojic Institute staff have expert knowledge in clinical practice, Quality of Life practice and outcomes, Positive Behaviour Support, Active Support and models of client centered support and planning.
  • Collaborative team approach – Lojic Institute staff are experienced change managers and will work with you to manage change effectively
  • Integration of skills – Lojic Institute staff use and develop the knowledge and skills of your organisation from the ground up and top down to integrate reforms and ‘anchor’ change.
  • Collaboration and practical support – Effective change and organisational resilience is built through active participation and hands on resolution of practical issues. Lojic Institute staff will support your organisation through operational alignment and improvement, staff management, development and training, management and leadership coaching and mentoring.  Lojic Institute will negotiate with you about how to best provide you with practical assistance and will be guided by you in working out the best way to support your organisation to bring about durable and sustainable change.

What won’t you get?

  • Lojic Institute won’t tell you that your organisation needs ‘fixing’. By engaging with us you have decided there is a need to evolve. Our goal is to work with you to build on your strengths and use and enhance your skills to get great outcomes for your clients.
  • Lojic Institute won’t tell you what to do. We will provide information and evidence and work with you to plan the improvements that you want to make following a structured analysis.
  • Lojic Institute will not provide a ‘one-fit for all’ model of organisational improvement, refreshment or transformation. As an evidence-based company, Lojic Institute works individually with your business/group to discover, utilise, align and enhance your specific skills, vision, culture, practice and values to position your organisation as unique and to provide a point of market difference.
  • Lojic Institute won’t leave you alone to implement the plan – unless you want us to! We will negotiate with you to provide practical support to bring about the change that you want to happen.
  • Lojic Institute won’t work in isolation. It is our goal to develop the capacity and capability of any organisation that we work with, regardless of the level of our involvement and to leave it empowered and enabled to continue without ongoing specialist input.

Fees: Lojic Institute can tailor our response and packages to meet your organisation’s needs. Please contact us for a quote.